Fishing out of Bar Harbor, Maine

Kenny researched the various fishing boat tours on Mount Desert Island. The Islander, which is docked in Bar Harbor, seemed to have the best boat and crew for our fishing experience. It was a very good selection.

We left early (for me!) in the morning with the sun just burning off the morning mist. As we traveled out of Frenchman Bay we did go in and out of several fog banks. There was just a light breeze and calm seas. The sun did eventually burn off all of the fog and we had a very sunny and clear day.

Getting ready to leave on the Islander for our fishing outing.

Kenny and Carolyn are ready to board the Islander. Kenny with his lucky fishing rod.

Kenny, Billy, Sienna, Jaeda, and Carolyn. On the way out of Bar Harbor. You can see the fog bank in the background.

Sienna caught the first fish in out group.

She caught two Pollocks at the same time. There were three hooks on each line.

Jaeda also caught two at one time. Sophie looking on.

Terry caught a nice size Cod fish. Unfortunately, Cod are out of season and had to be put back.

Jaeda caught this Mackeral.

Evelyn caugth this Pollock. We were lucky, everyone in our group caught more than one fish.

Terry was not feeling good. The rocking of the boat got to her after a while.
Terri caught two Pollock fish at one time also.

Kenny told me to hold the fish close to the camera. It makes the fish look bigger.
No my fingers and not 10 inches long!

The kids enjoyed watching the fish be cleaned. Not sure about Billy!

Off goes another head.

The end to a great fishing experience.

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