2017 Mekkerfest Reunion, August 3-5, 2017
KOA Grand Island, New York

The Mekkerfest reunion selected the KOA on Grand Island years ago because of its facilities, management, and easy access from northern Ohio and Central New York. The campground has many lodges and cabins which are surrounded by RV sites. Management lets us reserve the same cluster of sites/lodges/cabins a year in advance; which allows the whole family to be centrally located.

Each year when we get together it seems like we were never apart. I am sure that Great-Great-Grandma Mary and Great-Great-Grandpa Joseph smile down on us every time we get together. They created one big and beautiful family.

Luke is our interface with the campground and Julie handles the pot-luck meal. They both do an outstanding job; everything always seems to run so smooth. This year we had special t-shirts which Jonathan designed. Depending how you looked at them the wording changed. I still can't believe how well they turned out.

The Pot-Luck meal starts with appetizers (noon to 2 pm) with all you can eat New England Clam Chowder, Deep-Fried Oneida Lake Walleye, and Hungarian Greasy Bread. Then, because of the muddy conditions outside, we set up for the main Pot-Luck meal in the KOA's large meeting room. It seems that we are eating all day long!

Friday was a very rainy day.
But there was only a light breeze so the falling rain fell straight down. We congregated under various awnings and canopies.

Micah trying out his new radio controlled boat in the pool before swim time.

After the pool opened we went to the front pond.

Aaron's Mekkerfest babysitting service. I didn't know a bike ride would put a child to sleep.

Walking around the area you come across all types of games. Each year I get to see something new.
I haven't seen Beer Pong for a long time!

Every year we have a competition between Ohio and New York. It started a long time ago with a coed volleyball tournament.
But the area where we set up the net has been taken over by new lodges. So now itís basket ball.

Setting up for appetizers. Willy preparing the Walleye and Kenny getting the fryers ready.

Grace and Heidi getting ready to chop vegetables for the greasy bread.

Jonathan and AJ preparing Tarter Sauce for the Walleye.

With my helpers, Sue and Terry, the Hungarian Greasy Bread is ready to go.

For two hours we just stood around talking and eating...

eating and talking...

eating, drinking, and talking....

It is almost time for dinner!!!

Pot-Luck dinner at it's best.

Jim having a beer at the kids table.

Having a good time inside a lodge.....

and outside by the campfire.

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