Missing a Good Friend

While Vacationing at Outdoor Resorts, Monday was always our day to head to the Chart House for dinner. Happy Hour drink prices, Early Bird dining, and double reward points. We usually went for 5 pm and had to fight a crowd three deep at the bar. Each year, when we would first show up, Kim would stop what she was doing and come out from behind the bar and give us a big hug and kiss.

This year I decided that we would try to arrive at 4:30 (when they opened for diner) and eat at the bar so we could talk with Kim. We did arrive early and took seats at the bar. Looking around we did not see Kim. I asked the bartender if Kim had the night off. He said no and pointed to the bartender at his side and said this is Kim. I looked at her and said, no not her. She said, oh, do you mean the heavy set bartender. I said yes. She told us that Kim passed away in her sleep last July. It really floored us. We saw her last in June. We send Christmas cards to each other. This last Christmas I did not receive a card and assumed that she was cutting back.

When we returned to the motorhome I went on line to find her obiturary. It turned out to be only one line. It was published in FLORIDA TODAY on Aug. 1, 2017:

“Gasperini, Kimberly D. age 63, of Palm Bay, July 19, 2017, Ammen Family Cremation and Funeral Care”

I called Ammen and they had no other information for me. Kim, never talked about relatives; only about her rescued dogs. I think she had nobody in the end. I was hoping to find where she was interned or buried, but no luck.

The last time Mom was here (June 2013) we only went out to eat one time. Kim arranged a special table for us at the Charthouse. She even brought flowers from her garden.

Mom and Kim talked continuously about different books which they read. They traded books every year. I guess Kim is now talking books with Mom in heaven.

I could not find a picture with Mom and Kim. Here are a few pictures of Kim.

2012 - Kim serving my Martini after serving Mom's Manhattan.

Fall 2013 - My Hello Greating.

2016 - Serving Terry

2016 - The last picture I took of Kim.

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