Sailboat on the beach.

On September 10th, around 8 a.m, hurricane Irma passed over the Florida Keys. The center of the storm passed over upper Sugarloaf Key and continued up the west side of Florida.

Sometime around that date and time it broke the sailboat 'Cuki' loose from itís moorings in a Key West marina. The wind pushed it out to sea and around the tip of Florida. It came ashore on September 19 and beached about a half mile north of Outdoor Resorts. That trip was around 380-400 miles. When it beached it had full rigging.

Since the boat beached the rigging has been looted along with the rear (mizzen) mast, radar, helm, the teak decking below decks, all below deck furnishing, and anything of value.

After reviewing sailboats online, I think the Cuki is a Ketch and not a Yawl. Iíll let Frank correct me after he sees the pictures.

Coast Guard records show Cuki is a 45.4-foot fiberglass-hull sailboat built in 1974. It was used by a sailing school in New Rochelle, New York. When that school went bankrupt the boat was moved to Key West. The Cuki was last registered to Jeffrey Ray Sundwall, an inmate at the Monroe County Detention Facility. He was charged with attempted murder, sexual assault and 45 counts of possession of child pornography early in 2017 in Key West. He was locked up at the time of the hurricane. According to the papers he is still in lockup.

Because this area is a major sea turtle nesting area, the authorities do not know when the Cuki will be removed.

This picture was taken just after the Cuki beached and before looters had time to do their thing.
The main sail is still secured to it's boom. Notice all the rigging and equipment.

Before looting.

Looting has started. This mannequin was taken from the cockpit and put in the sand. Itís arms are still in the cockpit.

November 11 newspaper picture - sails were opened up and looting continues.

My first view of the Cuki. Just south of the county beach.

It seems that everyone who passes wants to write something on the hull.

Terry looking at what the looters have left.

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