Outdoor Resorts Part 1

I traded my old (2004) motorhome in, which had 110K happy miles, on a newer used (2012) unit. This newer unit is about 3 feet shorter and has less outside and inside storage. Since this is our maiden voyage we have been continuously looking for where I put things and moving storage around for more efficient living.

As usual, we are on site 227 at ORA. We have had a very leisure time so far; walking the beach, bike riding, playing shuffleboard, attending a concert, watching the launching of satellites, visiting friends, playing Mexican Train, playing triple Yahitzee, and eating out.

We can use two laptops on the kitchen table. When we are not using them they rest on the center seat.

Terry talking with her family.

The Indialantic Chamber Singers.

They have outstanding voices and sang 19 songs. (Key, Brahms, Butler, Rutter, Webber, Mendelssohn, . . .)

Waiting for the launch of an Atlas 5 missile. It will put two satellites into orbit.

It lifted off right on schedule.

Walking on the beach at low tide.

Don't take my picture. Turn around - there's a big brown bird behind you.

Brown Pelican

The big stare down. Who will blink first?

Returning from the beach.

Terry, Elaine, Mary Lee, Ron, Tom, and me.
Mary Lee and Ron came for a visit with their friends Elaine and Tom. We came to the Cafe Coconut Cove for a good German meal.

Terry had Hungarian. Everyone else had German.

Terry, Ron, and Mary Lee are waiting for the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 missile.
It is putting a satellite into far earth orbit to look for other stars which may have a planet like earth.
This launch was supposed to go 2 days ago but was delayed - I wonder how Mary got that launch delayed so she could see it go?

Elaine and Tom did not want to walk on the beach. They will watch from the steps.

It lifted off right on schedule. It is carrying a satellite called TESS.
Info from online: The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite fired its thrusters Saturday (4 days later) as it reached apogee, the most distant point in its looping elliptical orbit around Earth, nearly 170,000 miles in altitude.
You can read more about the launch and the mission of TESS at the following link:
Spacex Launch of TESS

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