Outdoor Resorts Part 2

Terri and Kenny arrived in their motorhome and set up across the street from us. They are two sites closer to the ocean. Their site is owned by the brother who owns the site we like to use. Kenny is staying for a few days and will head to the Florida Keys for a month fishing with his buddies. Terri decided that she would rather be here with Chobe than stay at home.

Kenny will return and spend a few days here before heading for home in their motorhome.

Terri with Chobe getting ready for a walk.

Kenny heading to the ocean to fish with our good friend Jimmy.

With all the gear packed in the trailer, they are headed 200 yards to the ocean.

They will spend the morning fishing from the beach.

Setting up on the beach.

The Blue Heron will hang around hoping that the fishermen will catch a fish too small to keep and toss it back into the ocean.
The heron will pounce on it and have a free meal.

Waiting for a bite. They did catch fish for dinner after I headed back to the motorhome.

Kenny's friends spent the night with them before heading for the Keys.
Jerry, Steve, Kenny, Terri, and Terry. They are laughing because as I took the picture Chobe jumped on me.

Terry and Terri in the pool.

It was Terry's first time in the pool this year. She lost her confidence from last year.

The first time taking Chobe for a walk while riding a bike.

We went to the moon rise. The view was great; a big red moon rising out of the ocean.
I could not get my camera into manual focus in the dark, so the pictures of the moonrise were a blur.
After I returned to the motorhome, I was able to set the camera to manual. Unfortunately, the moon was up and no longer red.

We attended a flute concert called Dancing Flutes. They played a wide selection of dance songs; Slavonic, Mexican, Can-Can, Blue Danube, Russian, Ragtime, and the Sabre Dance to name a few. It is surprising to see the various sizes of Flutes.

Contrabass-Flutes are in the last row. They are very long and rest on the floor. Bass-Flutes and in the next row.
Alto-Flutes are in the next row. The Alto-Flutes are slightly smaller than the Bass-Flutes.

These are C-Flutes. Two of the women also play the Piccolo.
When the song requires the Piccolo, they quickly switch between the two flutes during a song.

We have been playing either Mexican Train or Triple Yahtzee almost every evening. Carol, from across the street, joins us most evenings.

Chobe sits patiently on the couch while we play.

Happy Mothers Day from Ohio.

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