Outdoor Resorts Part 3
Iris and Jeff's Family Visit

Iris and Jeff's family visited us. They stayed across the street from us with Terri in her motorhome for almost a week. The weather was not that great, but they still had a good time. They visited the beach every morning, the pool every afternoon, and the kids had a good time fishing.

Jeff made his Low Country Boil to top off their visit.

JJ waiting for the Low Country Boil. I remember when he did not like seafood and had a hamburger instead.

Sammie likes it when Jeff shells the shrimp for her.

The first half of the Low Country (shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage, Red Stripe beer) has been boiled.

The Snow Crab is boiled. But for the first time he will be adding Dungeness Crab.

JJ, Sammie, Jeff, Iris, Emma, Carol, Jimmy, Terry, and Terri are ready to eat.

Enjoying the beach. The high winds this past week brought in a lot of seaweed. In a few weeks it will be washed out to sea.

Chobe playing with a cocoanut.

How to bury your brother.

This ray was the first fish Sammie caught.

This catfish was the next.

Thsi was JJ's first fish. He caught more after I left.

Watching a sea turtle lay eggs.

Iris taking her turn at shuffleboard.

Trying to upset Terry's shot.

Trying to determine where to position my next shot while our scorekeeper looks on.

Having dinner at the Charthouse.

Sunset over the Indian River on a cloudy evening.

We have the pool to ourselves.

The water is great!

It is nice just to float around and talk.

Sisters enjoying the Spa.

Emma and Jimmy joined us in the pool.

Sharing the pool with a good friend.

Terry was here in 2016 and 2017. She would not go into or touch the Spa's water - "because it is too hot."
This year I talked her into "just sitting on the step" with Emma.

I think the water softened up her hard head. She is enjoying a bubbly back massage.

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