Visiting the University of Notre Dame

The first stop after leaving Punderson State Park in Ohio was at Elkhart, Indiana. It is located near Notre Dame. Notre Dame campus is one of the best looking campuses I have ever visited. Lots of grass, trees, shrubs and flowers; all neatly manicured.

Besides looking at the campus I wanted to show Terry The Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It is located next to the “Golden Dome” Administration building on campus. The Basilica is very interesting. The main altar is a graceful object in bronze, built in Paris for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. It was purchased by Notre Dame after the exposition.

There are 116 stained glass windows consisting of more than 1,200 individual panels which were designed and made by the Carmelite nuns in Le Mans, France. They were installed beginning in 1873, over a period of 15 years and today, are priceless, because comparable artifacts in France were destroyed during the two World Wars.

The Basilica contains seven side chapels. The most prominent is the Lady Chapel, located behind the main altar. Another side chapel, the Reliquary Chapel, houses relics of the Twelve Apostles, a piece of the True Cross, the burial of St. Severa, and many saints relics. (I did not know about the Apostles and the True Cross until after I left Notre Dame and started writing this posting!)

When we arrived on campus, the Basilica was having a funeral mass and we could not enter until it was over. After the funeral we went in and started touring. The side chapel containing the relics was blocked off. We were informed that Noon Mass was ready to start and we could not enter that part of the Basilica until mass was over. So we stayed for mass and then did a complete tour of the Basilica.

During mass the Organ, which contains 5,164 pipes, drowned out all of the singing.

The famous "Golden Dome."

I thought I had everything in the picture. I cut the statue on top in half!

It is a statue of the Blessed Virgin facing the campus.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart.
Construction started in 1870 and was finished and dedicated in 1888.

It was like visiting St. Peters in Rome. There were murals and statues everywhere you looked.
The main alter and the alter in Lady Chapel looked like they were made of gold.

A mural of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John writing the gospels is above the main alter.

The Lady Chapel is behind the main alter.

Lady Chapel

The mural "Exaltation of the Holy Cross" on the ceiling of the Lady Chapel.

The Reliquary Chapel containing the Relics

The gold medallions and other vessels contain relics of saints. There is a large book which identifies all of the saints and where their relic is located. The statue laid out below the display cases is Martyr, Saint Severa. Her information is located in the next picture.

This is the information which is posted just above the red box in her display.

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