Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Part 1 - West Thumb Geyser Basin and Old Faithful Geyser

The drive from Grand Teton NP to Yellowstone NP was short. We did not stop at the overlooks because we wanted to get to the Fishing Bridge CG and set up. The speed limit in both parks is 45 mph, but due to the sightseers it is impossible to average anything near that.

Each area in Yellowstone is loaded with things to see. Many of the areas have a lot of geysers and springs. So we only went to the more famous ones. The elevation in the park is above 7,700 feet and Terry was having a hard time climbing stairs and hills, so I tried to keep that at a minimum.

I planned to have Terry's birthday dinner at the Old Faithful Inn. The inn, which opened in 1904, is the largest log building in the world.

After we set up at the campground we took off in the Saturn for Old Faithful. On the way to Old Faithful we passed the West Thumb Geyser Basin; which is on the shore of Yellowstone Lake. It was time to show Terry her first thermal springs and geysers. The hot springs are very hot; some are boiling. Some look like the spring is resting. Others have water gushing out of them onto the surrounding areas. The water contains minerals brought up from down below. The springs have different color hues.

Blue Funnel Spring. Yellowstone Lake is in the background.

Three adjacent springs - each has a different color - gray in the foreground, orange on top, and aqua top right.

Old Faithful eruptions can be calculated based on it's history and the duration of the last eruption.
When we arrived at the Inn we saw that the next eruption would be around 7:14 pm. That left us time to have dinner before the eruption.

The Old Faithful Inn lobby is about 6 stories high. Note the logs which are used to support upper floors, the railings, and stairs.

Looking up at the lobby ceiling.

A closer look at the stairs and railings.

The dining room.

We decided on the buffet.

Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs!

They have bleachers set up for viewing Old Faithful. My picture of the bleachers and people did not turn out.
We arrived about 20 minutes early and got front row seats. This is what it looks like between eruptions.

Every now and then there would be a little squirt. Terry asked is that it? I said no, just wait, it's just warming up!
The couple we were sitting next to said they did not come here from Hawaii to see just that.

It looked like she was really getting ready to blow, so I switched to video and Terry used my old camera to take these still shots.
Unfortunately, my camera records video in mov format. My Nero software's conversion to mp4 only allows it to be read by the PC.
I have other software at home which I will try when I get home. So no video of the eruption at this time.

One stop which Terry could not stand - Dragons Mouth Spring. This spring seemed to belch water, steam and . .

. . .bad breath! It was a strong smell!

This one kept bubbling up gray mud.

Another large bubbling mud pot. The white spots are bubbles.

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