Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Part 2 - Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs

The Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone NP is 142 miles long and takes up to 7 hours to drive. It connects the major areas in the park. There is an east-west road (Canyon Village to Norris) which connects the two sides of the loop together.

This year there are two bad construction areas in the park; Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs and Fishing Bridge to Eastern Entrance.

Today we viewed “The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone” which is near Canyon Village. Then we cut across the Grand Loop to Norris and up to Mammoth Hot Springs. I should have questioned the amount of construction on the Norris to Hot Springs road. The road was awful and had very long delays. (We did not take any pictures of the construction!

Coming back from the Hot Springs I took the long way around, which was shorter time wise.

Yellowstone NP map showing the major roads.

Our first view of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Note the yellow canyon walls.

A view of the falls from Artist Point. There is a viewing platform at the brink of the falls.
We did not go there because there is a stairway from a parking lot to the falls brink with about 200 steps.

I sure like the zoom on this camera!

Looking down river from Artist Point.

It was a great day.

Mammoth Hot Springs continuously bring up minerals with the hot water. As the water evaporates it leaves the minerals behind.
The whole side of this hill is built by the hot springs. There is a road which winds it way around the top.

We are near the top of the hill on a viewing platform looking down on the village of Mammoth Hot Springs.

The village of Mammoth Hot Springs viewed from top of the hill.

Over my right shoulder is one of the active springs which built this hill side.

I zoomed in on the spring. The boardwalk to get there was very long and we had other things to see.

One of the forms we viewed from the car on top of the hill. The spring's water was flowing down this side.

We wanted to get out of the car for a closer look.

At one time this was a green forest. Now the springs are taking over and killing all the trees.

This loop road is about two miles long and loaded with hot springs.

This narrow arch (back view) was the North Entrance to Yellowstone in 1872.

(Teddy) Roosevelt Arch (front view)
Written on top: "For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People"
Left Leg: "Yellowstone National Park"
Right Leg: "Created by act of Congress 1872"

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