Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Part 3 - More Geysers and Hot Springs

The three and one-half days we were in Yellowstone, we did a lot of driving and saw a lot of geysers, springs, and mud-pots. They all seemed to blend in together. There are two areas which are really saturated with geysers and springs; Midway Basin and Norris Basin.

This is one of the springs at Midway Basin. The steaming hot water bubbles up (center and right) and runs off.
Each of the springs are named. I did not keep track of the names. This one has great color but the picture did not capture it.

Terry walking on the boardwalk trail through Midway Basin. The hot water flows from the geysers and springs to a river about 500 yards away.

This one is not colorful but it is interesting watching the mud-pot bubbles burst with a puff of steam.

I think that this spring is the most colorful spring at Midway Basin. The steaming hot aqua water is very clear and you can look deep down into the cavity. The color around the edges of the spring is white then a mixture of gold/bronze/brown. The runoff it leaves a colorful slope toward the lower part of the basin.

It is one of the bigger springs in the basin. Terry is on the boardwalk just before the up-ramp.

This is the bright trail of minerals the water coming from the spring leaves behind. Note the steam above the spring.

Norris Basin - There are geysers and springs all around the valley and hillsides.
There is a lone tree out passed the boardwalk sitting in the middle of lime deposits.

I remember this tree from 2002. It seems to be about the same size as it was then.

We took one of the side roads. It ran along side this river.

Above the rapids we came across all of these swimmers. The water comes from the various hot springs and geysers.
I wonder what it tastes like?

Above the swimmers, more rapids.

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