Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Part 4 - Bisons (Buffalos)

I told Terry that we would see buffalo when we visited Old Faithful. When I was here before they were in the Fishing Bridge campground and also around Old Faithful Inn. We did not see any Buffalo at either place. The first day in Yellowstone NP was a bust for wildlife.

On our second day here we went to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Terry saw her first Buffalo. Every time we passed this meadow in the next three days we saw the Buffalo herd. After a while it got to be oh-hum another Buffalo.

We both took a lot of pictures of the buffalo. These are just a few.

Our first buffalo sighting. It was alone and in the distance. Terry was excited and happy she finally saw a buffalo.

A short drive down the road was our second sighting. They were across the Yellowstone River.
We also got to see our first White Pelican swimming in the river.

On the way back from the canyon we came into this meadow and got to see the big herd.
Terry did not know if she should watch them or take their pictures.

While we watched, they started to cross the road to the meadow on the other side.
It seemed like one bull started barking orders and buffalo just started walking to the road.

When the got to the other side, they did not know what to do. Some just stood and waited orders.

This little one crossed over with a group and then realized that it's mother was still on the other side.
So it crossed back over to be with its mother.

We were in the car and slowly passing the ones who crossed over.

Terry took the best shots with her camera. She could almost reach out and touch them.

Terry really got to see the buffalo.

And take their pictures.

Some of the bulls are almost as big as a car.

I think this one is bigger than a car. The other one likes the middle of the road.

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