Mount Rushmore National Park, South Dakota
Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
Custer State Park, South Dakota

When I first planned this trip the one thing Terry was really excited about was going to see the presidents in the mountain. If this was the only place we came on this trip Terry would have been happy.

As soon as we arrived at the campground in Rapid City, and set up, we left for "The Presidents" in my Saturn. Terry has been using my old camera so she took that along; which turned out to be a good thing. I did not notice that my camera was set on "Fish-Eye" and all of the pictures I took were junk! I did not know this until we returned from the National Park. I never use that mode, but there it was.

The entrance fee for Rushmore National Park is good for the remainder of 2018. So we went back the next day and took some better pictures. While in this area we stopped at Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park. We also drove on two very scenic roads; Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road.

Needles Highway is not a highway but a very narrow, winding road with one lane tunnels. It is named because of the Granite Needles which the road winds through. Iron Mountain road also is very narrow and winding. It also has one lane tunnels, but these tunnels all look at Mount Rushmore. The road also has three corkscrew bridges. These bridges corkscrew tightly down 270 to 360 degrees. I made video while driving down one of them. I hope to convert it into an mp4 file and add it later.

This was our first day here. It was cold and this is the only picture which was not fish-eye.

After leaving Mount Rushmore we stopped at a western restaurant for dinner, Ruby's Inn.
I donít think Terry wanted her picture taken.

Our second day at Rushmore. The walkway has the flags of all 50 states.

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln - each face is 60 feet tall.
In the museum we watched videos of how the work was done.
The building started in 1927 and the last head (Roosevelt) was finished in 1939.

She is finally here to see the presidents in the mountain.

After leaving the Presidents, we drove around the mountain and took this profile of Washington.

On Needles Highway. The mountains in this area are made up of these granite needles.

Stopping to take a close look at the first tunnel.

This road was built at the same time work was going on at Mount Rushmore.

Cars are lining up to go in the one-way tunnels.

This is a tunnel on the Iron Mountain Road. Zooming in on Rushmore makes it look closer then it really is.

Gong down into Wind Cave.

Don't bump your head on the low ceiling. The metal rails were cold, so Terry pulled her sleeve over her hand.

There were several large rooms where our guide pointed out some of the unique things about Wind Cave.

This box like growth is unique to Wind Cave.

The cave was not discovered by settlers until 1881. This graffiti is dated 1882 and is preserved by the National Park.

Time to head back up.

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