Madora Musical and Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Madora, North Dakota

This is my second time passing through Madora. I was here in 2002 to check off another National Park.
We enjoyed the Madora Musical at that time, so I wanted to see it again.

There are better National Parks to visit, but this is the area which really got Roosevelt thinking about conserving our national wonders. He came here after his wife and mother died to lose himself in the wilderness. After which he went back to New York State and entered politics.

John Muir is called “the father of the National Park System.” He needed a president like Theodore Roosevelt for it to happen.

The Medora Musical started 60 years ago honoring Roosevelt and his time in North Dakota. They include a skit about Col. Roosevelt and his Rough Riders successful charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba.

This weekend also happened to be a national meeting of Theodore Roosevelt impersonators. There were twelve impersonators in the audience for this performance.

The Musical also has special guest appearances. This month was "Flight Crew." They are a high-energy jump rope act who placed second in 2014 Americas got talent. We could not believe the tricks they could do. They were outstanding.

Terry asked to drive several times. She is getting good at staying in the lane. She is still afraid to pass.

We decided to drive to the amphitheatre so we would know how long of a drive it would be and where to park.
This view is looking down at the amphitheatre from the parking lot. The escalator in the foreground takes you down to the seating area.

We arrived early. The seats are filling and the people with tickets to the backstage tour are just finishing.
The platform (center stage) which the band plays on is on tracks. It can move forward.
The buildings on either side are also on tracks. They can move infront of the band or move out to clear the stage.

Two of the Teddy Roosevelt impersonators going down to their seats.

Three more.

The musical has been going on for 60 years. It changes a little each year. What I saw in 2004 was alot different than what I saw today.
I like the performance in 2004 better.

The show is starting and the band platform is moving forward.

Lively western music.

There was a lot of dancing and singing.

The men wore holsters on each side. They stored their microphone and their partners microphone in the holsters while they were dancing.

They wore many different outfits during the performance.

I did not get the camera up in time. He did two flips while jumping two ropes.
I put the camera away because it was getting too dark. But they turned up the lights for this performance.

He jumped from his feet to his hands and back to his feet several times.

He was sitting on his butt and jumping.

Looking at Teddy's one room cabin. He spent a year in this cabin. Later he had a six room ranch house.

There are several herds of wild horses in Roosevelt National Park. They do not get fed or sheltered.
They can roam wherever they want. Here they are feeding in the center of a Prairie Dog village.

There are Prairie dog villages located all over the park. They are called the bottom of the food chain.

This is a rest area (pull off) where we stopped to eat lunch while driving through Montana on back roads. (Actually state/county roads.)

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