Jasper National Park
Jasper, Alberta Canada

The drive from Lake Louise to Jasper is very scenic. The campground at Lake Louise is about 5000 feet. As you head north to Jasper there are some tall passes with steep grades to climb up and over. Our plan was to leave Lake Louise around 9 AM and head to the Columbia Ice Fields, take a glacier tour, continue on to Athabasca Falls, view the falls, and continue on to a campground in Jasper. It would be a very full day!

We did get to the Ice Fields but the earliest tour we could get was at 4 pm. So we signed up for a tour which we would take three days later, on the way back from Jasper. Now we just had to pray for good weather for that day. So we continued on to Athabasca Falls.

The campground at Jasper is very rustic. When I was here in 2002 we saw moose and elk walking through the campground late in the evening. This time, nothing!

We took a 70 mile round trip up a winding road which parallels the Maligne river. I was hoping to see Elk and Big Horn Sheep; maybe even a black bear. There are two nice size lakes which are on the Maligne river; Lake Maligne and Medicine Lake. The road will give us a good view of these lakes. But we bombed out. It was a very nice ride and we took in some nice sights.

Terry looking down at a viewpoint about halfway up our steepest climb. We averaged 15-20 mph up this climb.

What Terry was looking at.

Our first view of the Athabasca glacier which we want to walk on.

Zooming in we can see several groups touring the glacier.

Terry waited at the table while I went to buy tour tickets.

Athabasca Falls. The Athabasca river originates at the Columbia Ice Field and heads north to the Arctic Ocean.
What is interesting about the Columbia Ice Field is that water from its melting glaciers feed three oceans; Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic.

Another view of the falls.

After the falls the river cuts through a very narrow gorge on its way to the valley below.

As the river swishes for side to side it carves interesting patterns in the rock walls.

Medicine Lake. The lake has no exit river, the water leaves by channels in the bottom of the lake.

Lake Maligne. This lake is a big tourist draw. Parking was hard to find.

Rainbow Trout - The river leaving the lake goes under a bridge. We could see many trout from the bridge.

On the way back to the campground we decided to stop and eat lunch alongside the Maligne river.

This guy liked my shirt. Terry was not too happy about him.

It was very peaceful, sunny, and in the low 70's.

Looking up river.

We stopped at another overlook. These picnic tables were very interesting.

About a mile from our campground I saw these elk up ahead and yelled for Terry to hand me my camera.
I was driving on the shoulder with one hand on the wheel and trying to get the camera set with my other hand. I shot this picture and the next with whatever the camera setting were. Unfortunately, it was on wide angle. Terry was wide eyed - she finally saw an elk!

I cropped the next shot to make it looked zoomed in.

We were leaving the campground the next morning and Terry took this picture.
So much for driving 70 miles to see an elk!

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