Banff National Park
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Before I start on Banff, let me add something I should have said at Jasper.

We are much further north and Terry could not get over was the amount of daylight. While in Jasper the sunset was at 9:30 and it was still twilight at 11:20! On that day Cleveland and Syracuse both had sunset around 8:40. When she looked outside around 5 AM is was twilight again!

Also, since arriving in northern Montana and Canada, none of the campgrounds had cell phone or TV coverage. So the bad part is that we cannot communicate with family/friends. The good part, we do not know all the bad news about what is going on in the world. Things will not get much better until we get away from the National Parks and closer to cities. I do have G4 cell coverage (set up a wifi with smart phone) here in Banff, so I did upload to

Like Lake Louise, Banff is very crowded. We did drive around to take in some of the sights, all the while fighting traffic. Also the haze seems to be getting worse.

It was time to do laundry in Banff. The National Park campgound did not have a laundry; but there was one less than a mile away. The washers required $4 in quarters. The dryers were ridiculous. Not only the high cost but the length of time to dry. It seems that the washers did not remove enough water and the dryers did not get hot enough. We kept dropping dollars and quarters into the dryers and lost track of the cost.

We were able to get reservations at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for a nice dinner. Also driving the Golf Course Road through the Stanley Thompson Course at the Banff Springs was interesting.

Bow Falls - The Bow River goes right through the Town of Banff. This falls is almost downtown.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Terry getting ready to sample an escargot from my plate. A lot of bread followed by a big gulp of Long Island Ice Tea helped it go down!

The view from our table.

I was waiting for Terry, about 50 feet down the hall, and had the camera set on the arm of a big easy chair. When I saw Terry coming I snapped this picture without flash. I wanted to get a shot of the long hallway. Later, when I transferred the pictures to my computer, I looked at the background. There is a Northwest Mounted Policeman walking behind her. He must have turned into the menís room just after I took the picture. We returned up the hallway and did not see him. I cropped this picture to digitally in large it so you can't tell how long the hallway is.

Like most cities in Canada, flowers are all over and well maintained.

We are on Golf Course Road. A fairway is on the left on the other side of the trees.
Note the white out-of-bounds marker at the side of the road and how close together the trees are in the playable(?) rough.
On this hole your drive is either in the fairway, in the trees, or out of bounds!

This part of the course is flat.

This is the hilly section. The tee is behind the trees on the right.
This lady put two balls in the water and is hitting her sixth shot from the drop area in front of the green.

A car was parked at this tee so we stopped to see what was happening. It's around 7:30 PM and this is hole 3, PAR 5, and it has four tees.

I am standing at the front of the black tee. The rear of the white tee is in the foreground.
That couple up ahead is at the yellow tee. Lets zoom in and see what they are looking at.

The elk like the fresh cut fairways. The golfers have to shoot over them.

A crowed is starting to gather.

The elk are getting nervous. They are only used to seeing a foursome.

They are starting to move down the fairway.

This elk was eating leafs off trees as it walked around out motorhome.

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