Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park is on the Canadian-US/Montana border. Waterton Lakes shares that border with Glacier National Park in the United States. Together they are Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park a World Heritage Site. There are Ranger Guided hiking tours between the two National Parks.

Last year there was a fire which consumed two-thirds of Waterton Lakes NP. Two of my favorite side trips (Red Rock Parkway and Akamina Parkway) to had to be cancelled due to the fire destroying facilities, campgrounds, trails, and roadways. With the loss of vegetation, the wildlife moved on to greener pastures.

The first sight we see looking south, as we enter Waterton Lakes NP, is the Prince of Wales Hotel sitting on a bluff.
Upper Waterton Lake is beyond the hotel and Middle Waterton Lake is on the left in the picture.

This is the front of the Prince of Wales Hotel.
You can see the burnt trees on the mountain right behind the hotel and also just in front of the hotel.

The campground is in the village of Townsite. The village is on a small flat piece of land which is on the Upper Waterton Lake.
We are almost surrounded by mountains.

We can see the Prince of Wales from the back of our site.

Unfortunately, last year’s fire destroyed most of the vegetation on the mountains which surround us.
The fire came right up to the village and almost destroyed the Prince of Wales Hotel. Townsite and the hotel were completely cutoff.

Terry reviewing the history of the Waterton Lakes area.

Cameron Falls - This falls is across the street from the campground.
Cameron Creek continues below the falls and flows through the Townsite Campground and into Upper Waterton Lake.

Exploring the trail up the right side of the falls.

Above the falls, Cameron creek flows through a narrow and deep gorge.
The fire did jump over the gorge.

You can see Upper Waterton Lake from above the falls.

Terry is reading the warning sign explaining why the trail is now terminated at this point.

The warning sign showing what parts of the NP are closed.

Terry is waiting for our pre-diner drinks in the Price of Wales Hotel lounge.

Our meal is being served.

The food and service was great.

Prince of Wales lobby.

I wanted to show Terry the lake. I did not realize how windy it was.

Looking due south on Upper Waterton Lake. The Canada-US border cuts east to west through the lake.
About one-third of the southern part of the lake is in the US.

The back side of the Prince of Wales Hotel.

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