Glacier National Park, Montana

The haze is following us into the United States. In fact it seems worse. The beautiful mountain scenes cannot be seen.

The other problem we encountered is the fact that the National Park Service (NPS) decided to keep the wildlife away from the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Going to the Sun Road passes east-west through Glacier NP. Logan Pass is the high point of the road and the high point for many visitors. The NPS prides themselves in the fact that they are keeping the wildlife (mountain goats) a great distance from the “dangerous” parking lot at the visitors center. They actually use a herding dog a couple times a week to do this.

When I was there in 2002 the goats were in the meadow and on the mountainside behind the visitors center (not near the parking lot) and all visitors could view the goats. Now only the fit can walk (at high altitude) the 1 mile trail (which climbs about 600 feet) to view the Mountain Goats and Big Horn Sheep. For over 50 years the humans and mountain goats got along fine, there was no problem!

At this altitude and Terry's heart problem we had to forget the wildlife. Thanks for nothing NPS. This is the first time I have ever had anything bad to say about the NPS!

We camped at the Saint Mary KOA outside the Park. The Saint Mary's entrance to the park is the eastern start of the Going to the Sun Road. We also made a day trip to the Many Glaciers area. It's entrance to the park is 21 miles from the KOA.

There are presently 25 Glaciers in the park. They are extremely small (compared to those which we saw at the Columbia Ice Field in Alberta). Models predict that the glaciers in Glacier NP will be gone by 2030. (The glaciers in Alberta and elsewhere are also shrinking.)

Looking east across Saint Mary Lake (elevation 4,484 ft.)
We are heading west on Going to the Sun Road and passing the lake. (Note the haze and the also the little island.)

This is the view of Saint Mary Lake from the opposite direction in 2002. Haze really changes the look!

The road is all downhill from here in both directions.

Looking down the western side of the pass from a viewing platform. Note the road, cars, and snow pack on the other side of the canyon.
Going to the Sun Road was carved in the side (vertical wall) of the mountain in 1933. Just above the road is a hiking trail which was also carved into the mountain side.

Looking almost straight down from the platform at a lone mountain goat.

Zooming in for a better look.

Here is what they look like up close. (2002 picture taken near Logan Pass Visitor Center)

Terry waited while I took various trails to find wildlife near the Visitor Center.

We did a very short hike on the other side of he road.

This is where we turned around. The altitude was getting to Terry.

We are headed back down the eastern side of Going to the Sun.

Terry viewing the water exiting Swift Current Lake - Our first stop in the Many Glaciers area.

Terry took a picture of me viewing the water exiting Swift Current Lake.

Manny Glaciers Hotel
We drove around Swift Current Lake to find a trail to hike and took this picture of the hotel.

We are on a nice flat trail around the back side of Swift Current Lake.
Actually, this trail continues on after the lake and steeply climbs up to a small glacier.

This is the view from the foot bridge. This creek empties into Swift Current Lake.

I think we hiked far enough. Where is the wildlife?

A female moose eating greens off the bottom of the lake.

We hiked down the trail until we got across from her. She actually moved closer to us while we watched and took a lot of pictures.
She was about 25 yards from us when we left her. I like this shot because she just lifted her head to check on us.

As we hiked back to the car I caught this young deer feeding.

Having an early diner at the Many Glacier Hotel.

Dining Room


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