1953-1955 Saint Margaret of Hungary Canteen
Sponsored by the Alpha Omega Club - Moderator: Rev. Joseph Magyar

The Alpha-Omega Club was formed by Father Joseph "Joe" Magyar at Saint Margaret of Hungary parish. It was a teenage organization which operated and maintained a record dance held in the church basement hall every Wednesday evening during the school year. The dance was open to all parish teens and their guests. An admission fee of ten cents was used to purchase 45 RPM records. Songs were played as requested. The record dances were a fun place to meet and socialize and dance to the great tunes of the mid 1950s.

This site was developed to help ex-members communicate and share some of their life experiences with each other.

An effort was made to contact those who were members during that time period. Those identified below have been contacted and approved to have their names, pictures, and comments added to this site. Their names with their high school class year are listed in alphabetical (first name) order.

See some of the Club Members and Dance Guests

Saint Margaret of Hungary
Building is presently used by another religion.

Chritsmas at St. Margaret

Typical Classroom (1939) - All 50 desks are occupied.

The annual Fall Festival in the School Playground. (1940)
Notice the fruit hanging on the wires above the dance floor?
Do you remember why the fruit was there?

Elmer surrounded by girls. (1940)

Father Joe's Farewell - January 1954

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