Cleveland - Part C

Dottie & Joe's 50th. Anniversary Party

at Dottie & Bill's Bed and Breakfast

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Everything was well planned!! ...To the finest detail!
The menu, food preparation, serving, setup, and cleanup! After reviewing cousin Dottie's plans, individual work assignments, and schedule, which was posted her refrigerator, I feel she would make a good Engineering Project Manager!!

Tables were set up in various rooms, seat assignments posted in the reception area (garage) and the meal was served on fine china.

Facing View: Fannie & Eli, Ernie & Violet.
Rear View: Freeman & Lucy.

Cutting of the cake!
Everyone is urging Uncle Joe to shove it in Aunt Dotties mouth.
She looks worried!

She was really worried!
But, darn it, he was a gentleman again!
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