Cleveland - Part D

Camping Amish Style

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While at the anniversary party, Mom spent some time talking with Lucy about Amish life.
Mom learned alot in a very short time.

We also talked with Uncle Joe, Aunt Dottie and Cousin Dottie, when they came to visit us in the motorhome, about their Amish friends and how they live and work.

The next time we visit Cleveland, we have to spend a day with the Amish. It would be very interesting seeing their home, farm, and woodworking shop. Most of all, talking more with them. They have a great outlook on life and are very content.

When Cousin Dottie came to visit us at the campground, she brought her photo album.
Since I do not have a scanner in the motorhome (cheap motorhome!) I used my camera to make copies of three interesting pictures.

The pictures show about 5 families going on a campout. Most of the heavy gear was sent ahead in a hired truck. (They do not drive anything having pneumatic tires.) The wagons, which are shown below, hold the families and their "carry-on" baggage.

Washing dishes at the anniversary party.
Mary Lee getting instructions on washing dishes from Fanny!!

It's a rainy day to be going camping!
Here the Lead Wagon in the caravan is waiting for the others to catch up.
Note: one 3 horse power unit and one 2 horse power unit.

All the wagons are ready and it is time to move out!

Some of the wagons just have cutouts for windows with roll down flaps.
Others have glass panels in the windows.
This wagon is a four horse power SUV!
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