The House on the Rock

Spring Green, WI

The Alaskan Adventure - 8 Days, 948 Miles

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We left Cleveland and made very good time. So we decided not to stop in South Bend and continued on to Joliet, IL. Mom picked out a campground from Woodalls, The Empress Casino RV Park. It was part of a Casino. We were afraid to go in and gamble. (Did not want to loose the motorhome before reaching Alaska!)

The satellite TV worked great at this campground. (They had minimum trees.)

We continued on to Spring Green, WI. Where we toured "The House on the Rock." Uncle Elmer highly recommended this when we were passing by in 2002, but we ended up looking for the wrong place. We were looking for a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Although Wright's museum is in the area, he had nothing to do with the House on the Rock. The house was designed and built by Alex Jordan. It is built atop and into a 60 foot chimney of rock on top of a mountain.

Like Uncle Elmer, we highly recommend this to anyone passing in this area. It is a very interesting all day tour. It is a very unique house and there are many other buildings which contain items which he collected or designed.

Alex Jordan was a sculpture who used this house as a place to get away from everyone and work on his art.

There are many of these flower pots around the grounds. He designed them and they are still used today.

The Infinity Room.
It is designed to look like it continues on for ever.
It is a 218 feet long room which cantilevers 156 feet over the forest floor.
The walls contain 3,264 windows, which provide a great view of the area.

One of the many rooms in the house.
He liked stained glass, music and oriental art.
They are all over the house. Including many places to sit and relax.

Part of his collection of Burma Shave signs.

He had many working musical instruments which were operated by cables, air, or other means. Here are violins, cello, and bass playing music.

One of the best displays.
This group was only about 1/4 of the room.
There were many more string and wind instruments around the room.

Lifesize figures were holding the instruments. While the instruments played they moved their heads.

The figures were made to look like famous people. We recognized about 10 presidents, many movie stars, and even Albert Einstein.
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