The Mall of America

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis/Maple Grove KOA

The Alaskan Adventure - 12 Days, 1,231 Miles

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We stopped in Minneapolis mainly to visit the Mall of America. It was an interesting mall, but not nothing that I feel we need in Syracuse. It only has four anchor stores and many small shops. Most were empty of shoppers. Due to all of the rain we have been having, we did buy some good rain gear. I had to buy a new mouse for the computer and the Mall of America did not have an electronics store! But, there was a neat amusement area.
In fact, we found a much better shopping area near the campground in Maple Grove.

I also tried to locate Ying Lee and Youa Be Lor. But, did not have any luck. They have 4 large phone books for the twin cities area. If you do not know the exact location, you have to look in each book to find a person. Most of you probably remember the Laotian family our church sponsored. It would have been nice to see them again.

The amusement area. It has many rides for young and old.

In this part of the country many of the motorhomes have Satellite TV.
Because of all of the trees, many use the antenna on a tripod.
We were blocked by the trees and could not use the system.
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