Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora, North Dakota

June 9 - 11

Part A

The Alaskan Adventure - 16 Days, 1,785 Miles

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We made the Great Adventure in 2002 with only 3 or 4 days of rain.
The drought preceded and followed us around the USA and Canada for 152 days.

This time we are traveling with a rain cloud continuously over our head! It has been cold and rainy almost everyday since we left Cleveland!

Theodore Roosevelt NP is one of the little talked about National Parks. It is in the Badlands of North Dakota. It is similar to the Badlands of South Dakota. Because of it's location, not too many people visit here each year.

Roosevelt came out here in 1883 from New York City to see what the Badlands were like. He liked the area and established two cattle ranches. But, after just three years, he lost most of his cattle to drought and hard winters. Still he never lost interest in the area. Most historians feel the his experiences in the Badlands led to his becoming the first and greatest conservation president.

Yes, Mom took a turn driving.
In this part of North Dakota, the roads are straight and flat.

This is the first observation point from the east on I-94 in the Park.
Painted Canyon Visitors Center
It is cold and windy, but no longer raining.

Theodore Roosevelt's ranch's 2 room cabin from 1883.
It was moved to this site in the 1930's.
The ranch is 15 miles into the Badlands.

The desk, rocker, and bed are Roosevelt's.
Most everything else is from original 1800's area ranches .

It's raining, cold and muddy!
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