Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora, North Dakota

June 9 - 11

Part B

The Alaskan Adventure - 16 Days, 1,785 Miles

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We were here three days. It rained all three except for the morning of the last day.
But we still had a good time sightseeing and hiking.

The Park is in two sections, North and South. They are 70 miles apart.
We only visited the south section.

There are many layers in the land structure.
This one is very red. It doesn't look as red when dry!
So I guess that is one good thing about being here in the rain.

We hiked to the top of this lookout. It is almost in the clouds today.
The walking sticks are working out great.

The Rough Riders Hotel and Restaurant.
From the 1800's.
When we made the great adventure in 2002 we did not like any of the beef served west of the Mississippi. Well, we still have the same feeling. Mom ordered a med-rare prime rib. It came to the table very well and tough! She turned it back and only ate the vegetables.
I guess they serve beef differently out west!

There were many Parie Dogs in the park.
What is interesting here is that this home is dug into a seam of lignite, a soft, low-grade coal.

There are approximately 400 Buffalo in the south section of the NP.
Many stay together in a herd. Here is a stray.
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