Royal Tyrrell Museum

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

June 17 - 18

Dinosaur Trail RV Resort

Part A

The Alaskan Adventure - 23 Days, 2,764 Miles

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When we passed through Calgary we hit very dense traffic. We really did not feel like driving back into the downtown area or to the Olympic Village to see the sights. So we decided to just spend one night and bypass sightseeing Calgary.

We had a very interesting time in Drumheller.
This area is called the Badlands of Alberta. It is similar to the Badlands of North Dakota. But as Badlands are concerned, South Dakota has the best.
The main attraction in Drumheller was visiting the Dinosaur Museum.

The whole town is into the dinosaur theme. Everywhere you look there are dinosaur statues, pictures, and posters. (Stores, playgrounds, street corners)

The IGA supermarket.
One of the largest supermarkets we have ever been in.

For $2.00 you can climb 106 steps into the mouth of this dinosaur and see the whole town and part of the badlands. Mom is sitting in the Saturn with the car door open, in the lower left corner of the picture.

The local Hoodoos.
Many people come here and marvel at these Hoodoos.
We should leave a picture of Bryce Canyon for them to look at.

This grey clay is very slippery when wet. The sandstone rocks do not erode with rain and wind as easily as the clay. You can see future Hoodoos being formed.

Hiking one of the trails in the Badlands.
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