Royal Tyrrell Museum

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

June 17 - 18

Dinosaur Trail RV Resort

Part B

The Alaskan Adventure - 23 Days, 2,764 Miles

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The Royal Tyrrell Museum contains one of the worlds largest displays of real Dinosaurs. In 1884, J. B. Tyrrell, while surveying coal deposits in the Badlands of Alberta, discovered a 70 million-year-old dinosaur skull. The Great Canadian Dinosaur Rush began. Paleontologists from all over the world came to work the digs.

All of the dinosaurs on display in the museum are either real or molded copies of real. Some of the real ones had pieces missing when discovered. Those pieces were constructed from data of other like dinosaurs and set in place. The constructed parts are, on purpose, finished in a slightly different shade from the real bones and can be almost identified by the untrained eye. It helps when a volunteer points them out.

The museum continuously has teams out at digs all over the world looking for specimens. Some countries let them bring the specimen back, others only allow copies to leave the country.

The lab where specimens are brought in from the field to be cleaned up and analyzed. The specimens are received incased in sections of rock, plaster, or ground.

Displayed as it was found.
Discovered in Dinosaur Provincial Park in 1991, this is the best-preserved and most nearly complete Albertosaurs collected to date.


They also have many fossils on display.
Mom is viewing a wide selection of trilobites which were found in Morocco, Africa.
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