Royal Tyrrell Museum

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

June 17 - 18

Dinosaur Trail RV Resort

Part C

The Alaskan Adventure - 23 Days, 2,764 Miles

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Many of the displays have the bones/skeleton standing in front of a painting of how the paleontologist feel they looked like.

The mammal-like reptile was the top predator of its time.

"Alberta Lizard" was among the most common and fearsome predators in Cretaceous Alberta. This one is 32 feet long.

Tyrannosaurus rex or "Tyrant Lizard King"
This 41 foot specimen was found alongthe Red Deer River just north of the museum.
The bones take on the color of the soil/rock which they were found in.
This one is redish. I wish I had a better picture.
There is a head of another located just under the jaw of the standing one. It is called "Black Beauty" due to it's dark color. It was found in southern Alberta and is one of the most complete, uncrushed skulls of T.rex known.
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