Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada

North Rockies Lodge and RV Park.

June 24

The Alaskan Adventure - 29 Days - 3,787 Miles

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This was an unplanned stop. When we stopped to look at the lake we felt we had to spend the night on it's shore.

Just north of this lake is the north terminus of the Rocky Mountains.
Since we left the ALCAN summit, the mountains have been getting smaller.

Our site was in the trees and right on the edge of the lake.

The lodge had two float planes.
They were taking off and landing every hour.
Mostly for sight seeing. They also take fishermen into hard to reach lakes where they can spend a week fishing.

We got off the road today at 12:30.
Forced to spend the day just sitting around and taking in the view.
We did go for a one hour, very informative, boat ride around the lake.

The lake is really green when the sun is up and the wind down!
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