Liard River Hotsprings

Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

June 25

The Alaskan Adventure - 30 Days - 3,821 Miles

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One of the great sights along the way.

The (0.5 mile) boardwalk trail leading to the hotspring pools.

The lower pool. About 100 degrees on this end.
Cinder bottom and a nice steady current.

103 degrees Hot water flowing from the upper pool.
The steps in back are for entry into the upper (and hotter) pool.

The upper pool is around 108 degrees.
The next pool up, which you cannot see, is around 126 degrees.
Not too many people willing to go into the higher temperatures.

Down stream. The pool continues about 30 yards around the bend and then is blocked off. The temperature stays around 95 degrees in this area.

Both Mom and I spent about 10 minutes in the 106 degree section.
It really made our legs feel like rubber.
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