On The Alaska Highway

Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada

June 25-26

The Alaskan Adventure - 31 Days - 3,956 Miles

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We are now 4 days ahead of the plan.
We have reservations at Whitehorse for July 2-4.
So, I guess we will head for Skagway before heading for Whitehorse.

The big item here in Watson Lake is the Sign Post Forest.
We did attend their Northern Lights Space and Science Centre and had a very interesting time. Mom wants to come back to Alaska during the Northern Lights which happen mainly in the winter. I'll pass on that one.

The main entrance to Sign Post Forest.
It was started by a homesick soldier in the Corps of Engineers who was building the ALCAN highway in 1942. He put up a sign pointing to his home town. It has been growing ever since. There are rows and rows of signs. There were an estimated 51,286 signs in September 2003.

Adding one for Syracuse and the Orangemen.
We found another use for carrying a ladder in the motorhome.

It also helps to carry the electric drill and extra wood screws!

It is almost like leaving your mark on the wall around Graceland.
Heidi knows about that!

If you ever come up here and want to find our sign -
It is located in the second row from the visitors center,
on the eight post in from the parking lot.
Mom and the ladder ar standing below it.
There are many rows all around the center. It would take several months to read all of the signs.

This is one of the only signs which we found where we knew someone who lived there. Jeff, tell you folks that they forgot to sign the sign.
There was a sign identifying Cleveland Hopkins Airport, but I forgot to take a picture of it.
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