Off The Alaska Highway

Skagway, Alaska - Part B

June 27-29

The Alaskan Adventure - 34 Days - 4,280 Miles

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The National Park system did a major effort restoring many of the building in the town.
They first do a lot of research to determine how the building really looked during the 1897-8 stampede. Then contract to local residents to restore. After restoring, most of the buildings are leased out to businesses. It really makes the town look like the 1890's.

The Skagway Visitors Center
It is located in the 1899 Artic Brotherhood building.
The National Park Service also has a visitors center. It is located in the old (1898) train station.

The restored 1898 Mascot Saloon.
Can be seen on the self-guided tour or Park Service guided tour.
We took the free Park Service guided tour after viewing the movies in the Park Service visitors center.

On the Park Service Guided tour.
The cabin in the background is the first cabin built in Skagway. A 65 year old and his son built this cabin in 1887.
They were the first residents of Skagway.
His son built that white house in 1902.

Taking another Park Service guided tour.
This was the second starting point for the Stampeders.
This abandoned town was called Dyea. It was the start of the more dangrous and more famous "Chilkoot Trail."

Here we are viewing a remains of a 1898 store front. There is a picture of it displayed on a post. If you note the row of tree stumps, they are on the picture as newly planted trees about 1 foot high.

Wild Iris growing in the abandoned town of Dyea.

All the cruise ships are getting ready to leave, so the town is going to sleep to prepare for the next days activities!
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