On The Alaska Highway

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - Part A

June 30-July 2

The Alaskan Adventure - 37 Days - 4,386 Miles

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The only road out of Skagway, Alaska, is the same road you came in on.
So we headed back to the Yukon and Whitehorse.

Whitehorse is where most of the stampeders passed through while running the Yukon river. At that time, there were rapids on the river as it passed through Whitehorse. Now the river is dammed and the rapids are gone.

Like Skagway, there are movies, pictures, and equipment to view, but this is from the Canadian side. Fortunately, there are many pictures and equipment left over from that time which show the many stages and hardships of the trip to the Klondike.

11:00 PM and the sun is just starting to set.
It is actually lighter than this picture shows. And the sunset is starting to turn red. Unfortunately, this picture doesn't show the true light and color. As you can see, they park you side by side at most of the near-town RV Parks.

We toured "The Worlds Largest Wooden Fish Ladder."
It is 1190 ft. long and is located on the Yukon River, 1847 miles up stream from where the Yukon river empties into the Bering Sea. The Chinook salmon take 3 months to swim the 1847 miles up stream to this point to lay their eggs. Some swim another 200 miles past this ladder to lay their eggs. While in the fresh water river they do not eat. The ladder has a vertical lift of 50 ft.

We are standing halfway up the ladder. This is the point where the hatchery has holding tanks which are used to remove some of the fish. The fish are then transported by truck to the hatchery. Each female has about 5,000 eggs. The hatchery raises and releases 300,000 salmon annually.

Fine dining in Whitehorse.
Mom has switched almost completely over to seafood!
Even though we are over 4,000 miles from home, we are still eating on Syracuse china with Oneida stainless!

One of the museums in Whitehorse.
They presented songs written during the Klondike. Many were quite funny.
They also had a reading of poems written during the Klondike. They were also very funny.
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