On The Alaska Highway

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - Part B

June 30-July 2

The Alaskan Adventure - 37 Days - 4,386 Miles

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While in Whitehorse we did some hiking and also went to a Klondike stage show called the Frantic Folies.

The Folies started with the dancing girls of yesterday.
Followed by some very funny Klondike skits.
We wish we could remember the funny one liners.
I should have taken a note pad and pencil.

They are using a violin bow to play these saws. They were accompanied by a piano and really played some good music.

Each of the entertainers played multiple instruments.
The three in the middle were fantastic banjo players.

Hiking on One Mile Canyon.
We are standing on a foot bridge over the Yukon river.
One Mile Canyon has vertical walls and, during the Klondike time, had very dangerous rapids. Since the river was dammed down stream, it has risen over 45 feet above the rapids. It is still flowing very fast.

Mom is waiting for me on the bridge.

You can see the green color of the water in this picture.
It matches my shirt.
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