On The Alaska Highway

Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada

July 3

The Alaskan Adventure - 38 Days - 4,666 Miles

White River Campground

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This was a very interesting overnight stop for us. We actually planned to stop 30 miles farther up the road. But when we went about 2 miles past White River Campground, we came to a wall of smoke. Not wanting to spend the night in smoke, we decided to turn around and go back to the White River Campground. Unfortunately, it took another 8 miles before we could turn around.

We did turn around and are very glad that we did.

The White River campground held a Ribs/Halibut/Salmon Barbecue for $15. If you paid for the BBQ then the site only cost $10. We could not pass up that bargain. It also gave us the opportunity to meet and talk to many other campers.

After talking with the campers who were traveling in the same direction as us (to Alaska) we learned that we were running just in front of some of the road closings which the many fires in British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska are causing. Open fires are not allowed up here.
Two days after we left Muncho Lake, the ALCAN north of Muncho Lake was closed.
Two days after we left Watson Lake, the ALCAN north of Watson Lake was closed.

From the campers heading to the lower 48:
The "Top of the World" highway (Taylor Highway) has been shut down for over a week and the fire is getting worse, it has jumped the highway. I believe that is the highway where the Lockheed TPS-77 Radar is being installed. I was hoping to drive up and see it, but I guess it was not meant to be.

The highway north of Fairbanks (James Dalton Highway) is also closed. That is the road to the Arctic Circle and Prudhoe Bay. Fire also jumped the highway and is burning on both sides.

Road Work Ahead - Prepare to Stop!
One of several stops to wait for a one lane, one way escort.
The shading on top of the picture is from the windshield tint.
Actually, we travel for many miles at time without seeing another car or RV, and that is in either direction!

The road north of Whitehorse is a lot different than that south of Whitehorse. There are many dips and heaves which are real hard on the motorhome and the towed car. And about every 5-10 miles there is a section of dirt road or cinders. So now we only drive 35 to 45 MPH. Every time I get going faster, when the road feels good, we hit a bad heave. It feels like we will be loosing the Saturn!

Mom has been reading MilePost as we have been traveling the Alaska Highway. It gives a good mile by mile description of the highway, animals, and life along the highway. After reading MilePost, Mom could not pass up this bakery at Haines Junction, Yukon.
We had home made soup and sourdough bread, then bought some bakery for tomorrow's breakfast.

Our neighbors at White River Campground.
After we pulled in and set up, I took a short nap.
I woke up to our neighbor working on his Suburban tailgate.
A rock bounced off of his trailer and shattered the rear window.
He had the glass all cleaned up and was getting ready to cut cardboard to cover the hole. I volunteered my Exacto knife, marker, and hands to help cover the hole.
This is Curtis, Brad, and myself after the job was finished. The duck tape looks almost as good as the glass and it will not fog up!
Curtis, Brad, and their wives, are on their way home to the gulf coast of Mississippi.
They gave us some good recommendations on campgrounds and cruises in Alaska.

The White River Campground Barbecue.

Mom remembers this style Maytag washing machine.
It is identical to the one she used in the San Diego trailer park when she had to wash all those cloth diapers, clothes, bedding, and uniforms.
For those of you who do not know how this machine worked:
1) Put a load of clothes in the washing machine with hot soapy water and let it agitate for about 15 minutes.
2) Put each item through the wringer and into the first rinse tub.
3) With you hands mix the clothes in the rinse tub for about 3 minutes.
4) Put each item through the wringer and into the second rinse tub.
5) With you hands mix the clothes in the rinse tub for about 3 minutes.
6) Then through the wringer again and hang them on the line to dry.
7) Drain the washer and both tubs. Reload with soap and water if more clothes to wash.
8) Pray that it did not rain! Be ready to take the clothes down if it did!
Then she had to fold each diaper and iron all clothes. (that was before they invented form fitted cloth diapers and wash and wear clothes.)
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