Touring Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

July 4 - 7

The Alaskan Adventure - 48 Days - 5,364 Miles

Anchorage RV Park

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We had a real nice campsite at Anchorage RV Park. That is for Alaska & Yukon! They do not compare to the lower 48! However this site did have cable and telephone hook-ups. The telephone was handy for connecting to the internet every day and looking at our mail and updating We also carry a telephone in the motorhome which was handy for making local and 800 calls. In all of Alaska, our Verizon cell phone is in-network only in the cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks.

When I was here was in 1974 I went to "Earthquake Park" to view the effects of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. Before the earthquake, this area was a high bank which overlooked Cook Inlet and had some houses on it. The earthquake caused a major section of the bank (about 500 back from the edge of Cook Inlet and about 2 miles wide) to sink about 50 feet down and slide toward Cook Inlet. All of the houses were destroyed. The park was left in the condition which the earthquake caused. Only the remains of the houses were removed.

I wanted Mom to see the park. Well, when I finally found it, I did not recognize it. It has been 30 years since I was here and the park is overgrown with trees. (30 years ago there were no trees!) To see the effect of the earthquake you have to look down through the trees. It really is not as impressive.

On the way to Earthquake Park we passed through the worlds largest float plane airport. The pictures we took did not really show the size of the lake or all of the canals which are loaded with float planes.

Three Pounds of King Crab for Supper.
We learned that there are three grades of King Crab; red, golden, and brown. Red being the largest size legs, 1.5" in diameter and 1.5 to 2 feet long. They were too long to fit in the pan so we had to break them in half.

The Anchorage Visitors Center.
There are many flowers in the downtown area. The visitors center is in a old log cabin with a dirt and grass roof.

These hanging flower pots were on both sides of the street. It really dressed up the tourist area.

At the Alaska Gold Mint and store.
The scale in the background is a real scale which was used to weigh the gold back during the Alaska gold rush.

Visiting Carloyn's sister, Kristen at work.
Bernie's Bungalow Lounge.
With all of the sofas and easy chairs, it felt like the set of Friends.

Local artist paint the walls at Bernie's Bungalow.

Out for a special dinner.
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