Touring Alaska

Seward, Alaska - Part A

July 14 - 16

The Alaskan Adventure - 51 Days - 5,490 Miles

Bear Creek RV Park

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The drive to each of the coastal cities in Alaska passes through very scenic mountains, glaicers, waterfalls, and fast flowing rivers.

I am not sure which is the most scenic drive. If I rank them it would probably be: Valdez, Skagway, Seward. They would equal the drive through the Canadian Rockies.

Sterling Hwy - On the road to Seward.
Approaching Portage Glaicer in the notch ahead.
The coastal mountains are just awsome. Around every bend is a new view.

Seward's Alaska SeaLife Center.
Mom visiting with Woody, a 1,700+ pound Steller sea lion.
When you moved near the glass he would rub his nose on it and move with you as you moved from side to side.

After walking through the various displays at the SeaLife Center, we decide to add a Behind-the-Scenes tour. Here we are learning about the various mammals and birds who were rehabilitated over the past three years.
The mammals were found hurt or abandoned in the wild and brought here to be nursed back to health and then released back into the wild.
They take pictures of each when they are first brought in and then as they progress through a planned rehabilitation and finally their graduation picture. The wall chart shows the graduations pictures and also identifies where in Alaska each was found.

A 14 day old, 124 pound, walrus
While on the behind the scenes tour we were extra lucky. This baby was found near Prudhoe Bay by men working on the pipeline. It's mother was dead and the baby was near death also. The baby was flown by private jet down to Seward and the rehabilitation started. He is very affectionate and does not want the caregivers to leave his pen.
Because he never really experienced the wild, they feel that after he is brought back to good health, he will never be able to be released back into the wild. He leaves by private jet again on July 16 for Sea World in San Diego where he will spend the rest of his life.

Feeding time - every 4 hours!
The baby does not suckle yet. Actually, it likes the nipple but not the taste of the food which they feel he must eat. So they have to stick a long tube down into his stomach and then pump three large syringes of food into him. As you can see, they have to hold him down during dinner. After dinner he just lays on the laps of the caregivers.

So far this is the only moose which we have seen in Alaska!!!
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