Touring Alaska

Seward, Alaska - Part B

July 14 - 16

The Alaskan Adventure - 51 Days - 5,490 Miles

Bear Creek RV Park

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We have seen many glaciers either from our car, from a boat, or on foot.
The most impressive is by hiking up to the glacier and being able to touch it.
Most of the hikes have been over very rocky, muddy, up hill climbs.

Whenever we start the slow up hill climb to a glacier Mom always asks:
"Why are we doing this? It is too steep and we already saw a glacier!"
But after we get up there, she always says "I'm very glad I came along!"

The Exit Glacier, Seward, Alaska.
Signs identify where the face of the glacier was for a given year.
Here is the 1978 point. About a mile back we passed the 1958 point, but could not see the glacier due to trees. This part of the trail is handicap accessible.
We will be climbing the hill on the right to get to the overlook view point.

We are about halfway up to the glacier overview point.
We started hiking back at the visitors center. That is the roof which you can see sticking up above the trees in the center of the picture.

The National Park will not allow you to go pass the rope.
The NPS at the Worthington Glacier in Valdez would allow you to climb on the glacier at your own risk.

Mom pulled up a rock to rest and look at the blue color of the glacier.

One of the many views from the highway near Seward.

A view from our table at Ray's restaurant.
The small boat harbor and two cruise ships with the mountains for a backdrop.
Holland America's Ryndam, which we took on the Alaska cruise.
Behind the Ryndam is RCCL's Vision of the Seas.
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