Touring Alaska - On the Homer Spit

Homer, Alaska - Part A

July 17 - 21

The Alaskan Adventure - 56 Days - 5,659 Miles

Heritage RV Park

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Besides visiting Michelle & Mike Gracz, the main attraction in Homer is Homer Spit. Homer Spit is a 4 mile long sandbar which extends straight out into Kachemak Bay. Kachemak Bay connects to the Cook Inlet which eventually empties into the Gulf of Alaska and then the Pacific Ocean.

The Spit has three campgrounds, many restaurants, bars, gift shops, and one motel (Lands End) which is located right on the tip of the spit, and a small boat harbor.

We selected the Heritage RV park because it had full hook-ups and sites right on the beach. We came here for 4 nights and stayed for 5. Just lazing around, looking at the bay, mountains, eagles, loons, and wishing the clouds would go away.
It was cloudy every day and most days it rained lightly.

The Homer Spit.
As you approach Homer, you climb over a hill and before you know it the Spit is in front of you. It is hard to see in this picture. If the sun was out it would look great. The glaciers and mountains across the bay really stand out.

Our site on the bay. We never close the curtains.
A couple of eagles visited us everyday at low tide.

One of our eagle friends.
As seen from inside the motorhome.

Updating the website on the laptop really takes it out of you.

Mom got up at 5:30 AM to see the sunrise but missed it!
Sunrise was at 5:00 AM and sunset at 11:15 PM today.
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