Touring Alaska - On the Homer Spit

Homer, Alaska - Part D

July 17 - 21

The Alaskan Adventure - 56 Days - 5,659 Miles

Heritage RV Park

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Every time I tried to approach an eagle that was setting on the beach in front of the motorhome, it would fly away before I could get close enough to get a good picture.
Here are some of the better pictures.

They only seemed to land in front of the motorhome when the tide was out. I assume they were looking for fish caught in the pools by the receding tide and they could feel safe being slightly farther away from the people in the campground.

We had a good time watching two of the eagles playing with each other doing loops and dives above the beach infront of the motorhome. We had ringside seats.

Sitting on a rock taking in the sun.
Notice the lack of sand on the beach!

I guess I was getting too close for comfort.
He came back after flying around above the motorhomes.

Flying right above us.

One of the good things about a sprinkle is that when the sun breaks through you can get a rainbow.
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