Touring Alaska - On the Sterling Highway

Cooper Landing, Alaska - Part A

July 22 - 24

The Alaskan Adventure - 59 Days - 5,787 Miles

Kenai Princess Lodge RV Park

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There are about 8 campgrounds in the Cooper Landing area. We called ahead and made a reservation at Princess Cruise Lines "Kenai Princess Lodge and RV Park. After we got here and then drove around the area to get aquatinted with the place we found out that all of the campgrounds had No Vacancy signs. This is a major salmon fishing area and the salmon are in season. So we were lucky to get the reservations.

The Lodge is in the mountain woods and overlooks he Kenai river. It is a fast moving green river and one of the major salmon fishing rivers in the area.

On the way to Cooper Landing we passed through the village of Soldotna.
The traffic is stopped on a bridge over the river. It gave us the opportunity to take this picture of the fishermen cleaning their catch.

The Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge,
as seen from the road across the Kenai river.

Looking down on the campground which is located behind the Lodge.
The cabins are for the Lodge workers.

The Princess Lodge restaurant.
Where Mom had her birthday dinner.

Having a drink on the deck at the Princess Lodge.
While waiting for a table with a window for Mom's birthday.

The lodge has a picnic area and several viewing platforms on the river.
Because the river in this area is hard to get to on foot, unless you are staying at the lodge, there are no fishermen on the shoreline.
But there are many fishing boats going by.

We were watching the salmon jumping right in front of us.
Notice the cabin across the river and part way up the mountain.
What a beautiful setting.

A family fishing outing.

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