Touring Alaska - Denali National Park

Healy, Alaska - Part C

July 29 - August 2

The Alaskan Adventure - 68 Days - 6,154 Miles

Some of Denali National Park's Wildlife

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We saw many of Denali NP's animals while driving or touring the park. Many were only viewed with binoculars. My x2 digital camera was too limited. We saw: Dall Sheep (they look like white Big Horn Sheep), Caribou, Moose, Red Foxes, Silver Foxes, Alaska Brown (Grizzly) Bears and cubs.

What we missed was a good view of Mount McKinley.
We only saw the peaks sticking above the clouds.

Here is momma Grizzly with two of her three (black) cubs.
Cub number three is behind mamma.

Here is a better look at mamma.
They are eating berries almost next to the park road.
One black cub is on the left.

Cub number one noticed that mamma was getting too far away and started to run over to her.

A young caribou at long range.

An old caribou at short range, but sitting in the brush.

Momma Moose eating along side the park road.
Baby moose is behind her.
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