The Alaskan Adventure - 72 Days - 6,264 Miles

Fairbanks, Alaska - Part C

August 3 - 6, 2004

River's Edge RV Park

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We toured the University of Alaska at Fairbank's museum.
It was very interesting and we learned a lot about the history of Alaska and it's people.

One sad thing was the way the Aleutian Island natives were displaced during the second world war. Most were only give 24 hours notice and could only bring a small suitcase for each person and no pets. They left their homes and had to resettle in Idaho. Most never went back because their homes were burned by the US to keep from falling into enemy hands.
1910 SVEA stove at the U of A at Fairbanks museum.
Looks like a big brother to my little trail stove.

An Alaskan Indian game demo at the U of A at Fairbanks museum.
Jumping off the ground and kicking a ball suspended 6 feet above with both feet. Then landing with out falling over.

The Fairbanks Antique Auto Club driving through the campground.
A "Standard" made in England.
I never heard of a Standard make. And I forgot to ask what year it was.

The Fairbanks Antique Auto Club show in the campground for us to view.

Ford model T was towing the 1929 Ford Model A.

MG model TC
I always liked the TD. This TC was the forerunner to the TD.

1929 Ford Model A.
Just like Joe Barto's car we grew up with.
They had to replace the coil and then hand crank to start.

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