Touring Alaska - Denali National Park - Again!

Riley Creek CG, Denali NP - Part A

August 7 - 10

The Alaskan Adventure - 76 Days - 6,385 Miles

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After spending 4 days in Fairbanks we decided that we wanted to see more of Denali and hopefully, Mount McKinley. We spent 5 days there the last time and only saw one of McKinley's peaks sticking through the clouds for about 60 seconds. We drove into the park every day to the McKinley viewpoint only to see clouds!!!

We also wanted to try camping in the National Park campground. There are no hook-ups, so it would be our first time dry camping longer than 1 day in the Adventurer. We called the 800 number while at Fairbanks and were able to make a three day reservation. After staying the three days we extended for one more! It was one of the best sites we had in Alaska.

We had a nice site tucked back into the woods. We were on the end of a loop and had a good 50 feet of dense woods on either side before the next site. Behind us was all woods all the way to the mountains.

Besides the neighbors being so far away,
the site was deep and double wide.

The site was set up for one RV, one tent, and one car.
We used the tent area for our evening patio to catch the sun.

Mount McKinley (dressed in white) - is 72 miles away.
McKinley has two peaks. It's south peak, 20,320 feet high, (left peak) is in the clouds. The north peak (19,470 feet) is just touching the clouds.
The mountain in the left foreground is 7,165 feet and 41 miles away.
The park road at this point is about 2,500 feet above sea level.

Our last diner at Denali - McKinley Chalet Resort.
Overlooking the Nenana River and the George Parks Highway heading north to Fairbanks.

A better view of the Nenana River, the rapids, and
the George Parks Highway heading north to Fairbanks.
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