Touring Alaska - Denali National Park - Again!

Riley Creek CG, Denali NP - Part B

August 7 - 10

The Alaskan Adventure - 76 Days - 6,385 Miles

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The trails we hiked the first time we were here were in the woods. All you could see was through the trees, and when there was a gap, you would be able to see a piece of canyon, lake or mountain.

This time we went deeper into the park where the elevation was higher (near the treeline) which made for better viewing.

Hiking on the Savage River Cabin Interpretive Trail.
The trail had stations which displayed pages of ranger logbook entries.
These entries were from the 1930's and were very interesting.

The Savage River Cabin.
This cabin is located near the Denali Park road. It was constructed during the 1920's and was used as one of the relay cabins for the dogsled patrols. In fact, it still is used in the winter as a dogsled patrol relay cabin. In the summer it is outfitted as it was back in 1930's and naturalists give talks for the History and wildlife tours.

The Savage River Cabin has no electricity or water.
Here is their wood burning stove which is still used for cooking.
It might look crude, but the rangers say it is the "Hilton" when you come in from the -55 degrees, wind, and snow. Outside, near the cabin are the dog houses for the sled dogs.
The worst thing is that you have to go about 100 feet to the pit toilet.

The Saturday Evening Post from November 27, 1937

What the sportsmen read back in 1939.
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