Touring Alaska - Denali National Park - Again!

Riley Creek CG, Denali NP - Part C

August 7 - 10

The Alaskan Adventure - 76 Days - 6,385 Miles

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The Savage River Trail was the most scenic trails that we hiked. The following are just a few of the many pictures we took on this trail.

We did not see any bears or caribou on the trail. But, when we got back in the car and started back to the campground, a Grizzly crossed the road and went into the bushes and down into the canyon. We stopped the car and waited until we saw him emerge and go into river. He just lazily headed up river. He was too far away for pictures but we got to watch him for about 15 minutes with the binoculars.

The trailhead for the Savage River trail.
We are headed along side the Savage River and into the notch in the background.

Looking back at the trailhead and parking lot.
The bridge and ranger hut mark the end of the park road for personal cars. You can drive in 15 miles to this point and then have to turn around. There are two campgrounds deeper into the park, but you cannot come back out until you are leaving for good. So we stayed at the campground near the park visitors center and had the freedom to go and come at will.
Last week we rode a park bus in to a viewpoint 66 miles and saw many bear, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and foxes.

We could not have asked for a better day to hike.
Sunny and about 70 degrees.

There were very interesting rock formations on both sides of the river.
With the number of earthquakes they have here, you wonder how some of them stay standing.

Taking one of the side trails up to the rock formations.
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