Touring Alaska - Denali National Park - Again!

Riley Creek CG, Denali NP - Part D

August 7 - 10

The Alaskan Adventure - 76 Days - 6,385 Miles

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The Savage River Trail continued.

The foot bridge which loops the trail back to the trailhead.
That is Mom on the bridge.

I hiked past the bridge a little way.
This side trail ended up where you had to jump from rock to rock.
The camera is balanced on a rock, I was worried it would fall in the river.

Our tax dollars at work.
The main trails are very well maintained. Here they are installing a trough for the water to go through the trail when it rains or snow runoff. There is one ranger (green hat) and the others are summer help.

On a stone bar in the middle of the river.
One thing to note here. Last week the trees, brush, and tundra were all green. Fall is coming very early and now the willows have changed to brown. They said that the average temperature this summer was 7 degrees above normal. And now the average temperature is below normal. It really messed up the season. The berries were early, flowers bloomed early and did not hang on as long as normal.

Mom resting after completing the four mile trail.
There is nothing more peaceful then listening to the quiet being broken by the river flowing over rocks.
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