Touring Alaska - Fairbanks - Again!

Rivers Edge RV Park, Fairbanks, Alaska - Part A

August 11 - 14

The Alaskan Adventure - 80 Days - 6,510 Miles

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Well we are back at Fairbanks after 4 nights of dry camping in Denali National Park. It really feels great to have as much water, electricity, and sewer as we want. The next four days will be used to just relax.

The day we drove up from Denali, the wind was blowing from the east and brought smoke haze from the fires in the Alaska interior. We did not see much scenery during the drive because of the smoke. But we did see this section of Alaska during the last trip from Denali. But after two days in Fairbanks, the wind shifted back from the west and cleared the skies.

1925 Ford Model T Truck.
The Fairbanks antique car club came by again. It turns out that they tour through this RV park every Wednesday in the summer.
We had a nice long talk with this owner. He came to Alaska in 1942 when it was almost impossible to get gas. He came here to complete his enlistment in the Army and some how got his commanding officer to agree to allowing him to drive. They did not think he would actually try. It took him 2 months, but he made it in an old 30's Packard. He bought this Model T just after he arrived in Alaska.

1955 Ford Victoria
The woman who owned this car let Mom sit in it. The speakers hanging from the rear windows are from a drive-in movie. She had a CD player on the back seat and was playing 50's rock and roll. The car had dual exhaust with glass packed mufflers. She liked to make them talk.

We mailed some of the packages from this Post Office.
Almost all of the businesses have painted candy canes hanging around.
The street names are all christmas related.

The Catholic Church in North Pole, Alaska.
You could have guessed the name.

Well this was a real surprise!
Karen and Steve came up to visit with us.
Mom's sister really likes her. I guess I know what my sister thinks of me.
I never was her favorite!!!

We had a very good dinner at Pike's restaurant.
This is the walkway in their garden.
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