Touring Alaska

Haines, Alaska - Part B

August 16 - 18

Hitch-Up RV Park

The Alaskan Adventure - 84 Days - 7,161 Miles

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The Haines Highway connects Haines to the Alaska Highway at Haines Junction.
It has the most scenic mountains and glaciers that we have seen to date.
The mountains are steep, snow covered, glaciated, and very jagged.
Between the mountains are steep valleys with more tall mountains in back.

The town of Haines is very small and the people very friendly. We had a nice site in a very clean and spacious campground.

Our site backup to the woods and had mountains all around. Unfortunately, most of the time they were covered in clouds.

Tlingit Indians have many cultural centers in the Haines area.
We are touring a totem pole shop. This dog lives in the building and was showing us around. As we toured the building we could go into any room. Whenever we opened a door, he would enter before us. Then he would watch us and leave with us to go to the next room.

A view just down the street from the campground.

A view overlooking the Chilkat river.
On the other side of Haines.

Leaving Haines to go back to the Alaska Highway.
This view, one of many, is just outside of Haines, overlooking the Chilkat river. It is raining, but there was a break in the clouds. It was smoky when we arrived and now it is raining. We hope to come back in two years to take another look!

Some Alaska Facts
1. Alaska has the longest day in the year in the U.S.
- - On the North Slope there is no sunset for 82 days.
2. Alaska has the longest night in the year in the U.S.
- - On the North Slope there is no sunrise for 67 days.
3. You can put the state of Texas in Alaska three times.
4. Thompson Pass near Valdez averages over 500" of snow each year.
5. There are nearly 100,000 glaciers covering 29,000 sq. miles.
6. The coldest recorded temperature in Alaska is -80 degrees F.
7. One half of Alaska's population resides in the Ancorage area.
8. Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined.
9. There are over 3 million lakes in Alaska.
10. Alaska is only 30 miles from Russa.
- - the distance between Big and Little Diomede Islands.
11. The Igloo is an Alaskan dwelling, usually made of driftwood, walebone and sod.
- - It's the Canadian Eskimo who built the houses of snow and ice.
12. The Alaskan Polar bear rarely goes onto land.
- - It prefers to hunt seals on the ice pack.

On the Alaska Highway in Yukon, Canada.
When we past this spot on the way north it was all green.
After we passed, this fire expanded, jumped the highway, and caused the road to be closed for several days. It caused people traveling south to overload the campgrounds in Whitehorse. Watson Lake is the next village south of Whitehorse. There also was a fire that jumped the highway south of Watson Lake. Watson Lake was completely isolated. They could not go south or north.

This is the other side of the highway.
With the rain and low clouds, it was not possible to take a picture of the mountains on both sides of the highway. You could see the black and brown path caused by the fire running up and sideways on the mountain. The fire moved similar to a river, zig-zaging around being pushed by the wind.
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