The Alaskan Adventure - 92 Days - 8,996 Miles

The road to the lower 48

August 19 - 26

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After we left Haines we got tired of the smoke and just headed for the "lower 48."
We stopped overnight in the following towns: Whitehorse (YK), Watson Lake (YK),
Fort Nelson (BC), Chetwynd (BC), and Lac La Hache (BC).

In Whitehorse we bought 3 pounds of Red King Crab from our favorite seafood store and had our last "at home" crab meal.

While in Watson Lake we stopped to look at the Sign Post Forest. Our License plate with the Syracuse Orangemen frame is still on display.

We passed through a very long, interesting, and scenic canyon. The Fraser River Canyon started at Lytton, BC, where it was hot, windy, very arid, and had steep tall walls. The Fraser River snaked it's way down through the canyon going through many rapids. The road is cut into the vertical walls which snaked along with the river. The road passed through 7 tunnels as it followed the river. It ended 42 miles later with steep green walls and it was pouring rain, cold, and still windy. Unfortunately, we were too ocupied watching the winding road and the awesome sight, that we forgot to take pictures.

We passed over into Washington State near Billingham. I was surprised how fast we came through. They only asked about 6 questions and then said welcome home and have a good day.

We stopped in Billingham to wash clothes, shop for food, and plan the next two weeks of travel.

Two Caribou walking across a dry river bed in the Yukon.

A herd of Buffalo in the Yukon. They were on both sides of the highway.

This guy walked across the road in front of us to let us know he had the right of way! Then started to stare us down.
I had the camera set for distance focus! It would have been a great shot!!

When we left Billingham we decided to bypass the Seattle traffic and go to Sequim instead. The shortest way to Sequim is by ferry.
Here the ferry is pulling in and we are getting ready to go aboard.
We are at Keystone, WA, on Whidbey Island.

We are following a Tractor Trailer Loging truck on to the ferry.

Parked along side a truck for the trip across the bay.

We just docked at Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula and are waiting to get off.
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